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ACTRMS provides a number of benefits to attorneys and firms small and large. Learn how ACTRMS can help you.


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Learn about all the features that ACTRMS has to offer. From easy billing to efficiently tracking client cases and court appointments ACTRMS will make managing your law practice a breeze.

Type as you go quickly finds previously stored court houses.

Assign a specific color to each court house for easy tracking.

Enter the date or simply click the date on the calendar.

View dates with court activity quickly.

Use our Case Wizard to make sure you complete everything for a case.

Add/Edit/Delete cases, dockets, case notes.

System Auto learns case statuses and case types.

Search dockets and cases quickly.

Add/Edit/Delete client personal details.

Quickly add and edit client contact information.

Add client notes.

Add client access to the system.

ACTRMS provides easy billing solutions that will allow you to:

Print easy to read invoices with your company and client information.

Take and schedule payments with credit card options.

Apply partial payments and credits respectively.

Payment notifications when bills are due, a charge is successful or declined.

Easily add/edit/delete user roles for added security.

Assigns rights with easy to navigate drop downs.

Enable features to make your system secure.

Post bulletins that will display either once or repeat until a certain date.

Manage templates in one convenient place to change all aspects of the system.

Drag and drop interface to make customizing your messages even easier.