ACTRMS Benefits both Attorneys and Clients

ACTRMS is a web-based Record Tracking Legal Software System for Lawyers and Law Offices. The software is scalable, ideal for single users and multi-person teams. Management of your staff, attorneys, and paralegals has never been easier than with our software.

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Get Started in Two Easy Ways

  1. Use our Online System: Register for a free trial account and be up and running in less than 24 hours.
  2. Order our ACTRMS Appliance: Once you receive your unit you will be up and running in less than 15 minutes with our customizable activation wizard.
ACTRMS: Convenient, customizable case management software that fits your business!

Simple to Use

Features like "SMART WIZARD" and "Smart-Type Search" make ACTRMS simple to use. ACTRMS is a web-based case management software that gives you access to client information from any computer across the globe.

Save Time and Money

Enter, manage, and retrieve information quickly and easily or let us import your current client database free of charge for a limited time. An easy-to-read automated case management calendar highlights important court dates and scheduled events.

Boost Security

Establish customizable user roles to control what users, clients, and staff see. ACTRMS allows you to easily manage forgotten passwords with as much security as a bank would use to verify information.


Introducing Attorney Case Tracking & Record Management Software

With our new suite of law practice software you'll easily and efficiently manage your clients, staff, attorneys, court dates, and much more. Using any operating system and browser you can easily manage, control and print the information you need, at your office or on the go. ACTRMS is the software to keep your practice moving and growing.

Get Up and Running With "SMART WIZARD"

The Smart wizard will walk you through the steps necessary to create a new case file. Our system will create a new case number and prompt you for the client name. If your client already exists in your database, our smart-type feature will select it. If your client is new, you can simply add a new account. The wizard will create a docket under that court case and prompt you for all the required information.

Instant Notifications

ACTRMS can notify your clients and attorneys via e-mail when cases are created or assigned, and when the case status has changed. The system will even allow you to print out client notification sheets for those that do not have e-mail. You can quickly check the history and current status of any case or client from any computer.

Customize Your Templates

The ACTRMS allows users to register for an account which can be activated later with admin verification. This allows admin level users to grant access to new users and office staff members at any time, at any location, with full control and oversight.

Many systems make security complicated, but not with ACTRMS; you can choose your security level and regulate the user rights by simply adding/editing or deleting the role and then assigning it to that respective user.

Our Notification Template system is also customizable. You can change the font sizes and add/edit other attributes or even add and merge fields, so your forms will print with a specific dataset system record depending on the function you request.

Scalable - for One User to Large Offices

ACTRMS Case Management Software is robust enough to work for a small attorney office or for a large multi-lawyer firm. With ACTRMS you only pay for what you need, making it a solution that just makes sense for your practice.